Dr. Veronique Pallet


Bordeaux Institut National Polytechnique.


Dr. Véronique Pallet obtained a PhD in biochemistry at the University of Bordeaux (France) in 1990. Since 2002, she is full professor of nutrition at the Bordeaux Institut National Polytechnique. She co-leads the NutriNeuro Lab (INRA-Université de Bordeaux) where she is also co-leader for the research team "Nutrition, nuclear receptors and brain aging."
Her research mainly focuses on the role of nutrition in the prevention of age-related cognitive decline. She spent the last 15 years in the field of vitamin A and cognition and her and her team have demonstrated the role of this liposoluble vitamin in maintaining cognitive abilities during aging. She is now also interested in the role of polyphenol in memory processes, as partner of the Neurophenol project. She is currently the PI leading 2 clinical trials, conducted in France, investigating the beneficial impact of nutritional supplementations on cognitive abilities and quality of life assessed in aged subjects.
She is responsible of The master Human Nutrition and Health of the university of Bordeaux which includes an international track leading to a double diplomae with Laval University, Quebec: Master Human Nutrition and Health/Maîtrise in food technology sciences.