Dr. Marja Mutanen


Professor of Nutritional Physiology. Department of Food and Environmental Sciences. University of Helsinki. Finland.


Education and degrees awarded
- PhD in Nutrition, University of Helsinki, 1987
- LicSc in Nutrition, University of Helsinki, 1984
- MSc in Nutrition, University of Helsinki, 1978
- Docent: Nutrition, University of Helsinki, 1988

Other education and training, qualifications and skills
- Postgraduate studies in toxicology, University of Kuopio. 1992-1994, 48 credits

Linguistic skills
- Finnish (native language)
- Swedish (fluent)

Current position
- Professor of Nutritional Physiology, 2003-
Department of Food and Environmental Sciences. University of Helsinki.

Previous work experience
- University of Helsinki: University Lecturer 1.8.2001-31.7.2003; Senior Assistant 1.8.1992-31.7.2001; Associate Professor 1.7.1989-30.6.1990; Teaching Assistant 1.9.1978-30.6.1979; 1.1.1980-30.4.1980; 1.9.1980-9.11.1980; 1.1.1981-31.12.1984
- Academy of Finland: Senior Scientist 1.1.2008-31.12.2008; Research Fellow 1.1.1985-26.5.1989; 27.5.1989-30.6.1989; 1.7.1990-31.7.1992.
- Visiting scientist at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, August 1999 -September 2000.
- U.S. Department of Agriculture, Nutrition Research Centre, Beltsville, Maryland, USA, September 1983 - August 1984
- Maternal leaves at 1976, 1979, 1980

Research funding as well as leadership and supervision
- Major research funding during the last 5 years: The Academy of Finland (2009-2013) 372 550 €; TEKES (2011-2013) 530 000 €; Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2011-2015) 270 000 €.
- Principal investigator of the following research projects:
• Bioavailabilty of selenium and other trace elements in experimental animals and healthy humans (1983-1988).
• Effects of dietary fatty acids and/or natural antioxidative compounds in fruits, berries and vegetables on lipids, lipoproteins and haemostasis in humans – dietary interventions (1989-1995)
• Diet and colon cancer – experimental approach with rat and ApcMin –mice (1995-2013)
• Food-based approach to combat mother and child malnutrition in low-income countries (2006-) (Mozambique, Benin
• Use of video and mobile technology for nutrition education in developing countries (2011-)

- Supervision of post-doc researchers:
o Riitta Freese , PhD 1997, main supervisory role
o Anu Turpeinen, PhD 1998, main supervisory role
o Anne-Maria Pajari, 2000, main supervisory role

- Supervised doctoral dissertations:
o Riitta Freese. Dietary fatty acids and haemostasis – Effect of n-3 and n-6 fatty acids on platelet function and coagulation in healthy subjects. University of Helsinki, 1997.
o Anu M Turpeinen. Dietary fatty acids and indicators of thrombosis with special reference to the effects of C18:1 cis and trans fatty acids. University of Helsinki, 1998.
o Anne-Maria Pajari. Diet and colon protein kinase C. Regulation to intestinal development in experimental animals. University of Helsinki, 2000.
o Seija Oikarinen. Role of lignan sources in tumour formation in multiple intestinal neoplasia mice. University of Helsinki, 2005.
o Marjo Misikangas. Dietary modulation of -catenin signalling in experimental model of colon cancer. University of Helsinki, 2007.
o Johanna Rajakangas-Tolsa. Diet, cell signalling, and intestinal tumorigenesis in multiple intestinal neoplasia mice. University of Helsinki, 2008.
o Essi Päivärinta. Diet, intestinal microflora, immune function and experimental colon cancer. Dissertation in 2014.
o Maija Marttinen. Effect of plant sterols on adenoma formation in the Apc-mutated Min/+ mouse. University of Helsinki 2014.
o Liisa Korkalo. Dietary habits and nutrient intake of Mozambican teen aged girls. On-going
o Katja Korhonen. Promotion of nutrition among Mozambican adolescents using mobile technology. On-going
o Lauriina Saine. Improving the infant feeding practices in developing countries - education videos approach. On-going

Merits in teaching and pedagogical competence (if required, complement by submitting a teaching portfolio)
- Pedagogical training and competence;
o University pedagogic studies 50 ect
o Consultation and supervision at work diploma 120 ect
- Involvement in curriculum planning and the implementation of courses:
o Continuous planning of curriculum as part of a job of a professor
- Development of teaching methods
o Use of a student centred learning methods throughout the curriculum
- Supervision of 55 MSc theses since 1983 -
- Supervision of 2 Ph.Lic. theses in 2001

- Teaching awards
o Eino Kaila award (teacher of the Year) 1995, University of Helsinki

Other academic merits
- Pre-examiners in 6 doctoral these from 1991
- Opponent of a doctoral dissertation, as a member in dissertation committees in 8 doctoral theses from 1991
- Evaluation of 2 docent from 2005-
- Invited presentations: 15 in international conferences 1992-
- Research collaboration: National level: National Public Health Institute, University of Kuopio, Folkhälsan, VTT; International level: Research groups from Denmark, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Sweden, US, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, India, Kenya, Benin.
- Journal referee/editorial board: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, BioMed Central Cancer, British Journal of Nutrition, Cancer Letters, European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, European Journal of Nutrition (ed board), International Journal of Cancer, Nutrition and Cancer, Nutrition Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease, Scandinavian Journal of Nutrition (ed board), Thrombosis Haemostasis, Annals of Internal Medicine.
- International expertise groups: nordic nutrition forum (nnf) –member of the board 1994-2004
- EU-group on Functional Food Science, 1997-1998; EU Concerted Action on a Process for the Assessment of Scientific Support for Claims on Foods (PASSCLAIM), 2001-2002
- World Cancer Research Fund –referee, 2002, 2003, 2014
- International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) Council Member 2005-2008.
- The member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters 2012

Scientific and societal impact of research
- Total number of scientific publications 107 in international preview journals, 22 chapters in books and 4 books edited
- Distribution of results from the adolescent girls in Mozambique to the authorities in the country
- Patents: US Patent no 09/550,60 2001
- Most important foreign visits: As regard to the applied research project the most important visits have been those to Zimbabwe (Harare) in 2005, 2006 and 2007, to Mozambique (Maputo) in 2007 and 2010-1011, to India in 2008 and 2011-2012, Kenya 2010-1013 and Benin 2012. During these visits I have had met several possible collaborators for my future research in low and middle-income countries