Dr. Susana Socolovsky


President of the Argentine Association of Food Technologists (AATA). Argentina.


Susana Socolovsky, Ph.D., CFS is a Doctor in Chemistry and Food Science from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. President Elect of the Argentinean Association of Food Technologists.

Dr. Susana Socolovsky graduated with honors as a Master in Science (Organic Chemistry and Food Science) in 1974 and in 1985 she completed her doctoral work in Organic Chemistry and Food Science. She was awarded the National Biannual Prize on Organic Chemistry in 1985 for her outstanding work in Organic Chemistry Synthesis and Mechanisms of Reactions.

Dr. Socolovsky has devoted 15 years to full time scientific research and 20 years to teaching Organic Chemistry at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level at the Exact and Natural Sciences School of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dr Socolovsky is a Certified Food Scientist by the Certification Institute of the Institute of Food Technologists, USA. Dr. Socolovsky is a Professional Member of the Institute of Food Technologists (USA) and an IFT Food Science Communicator.

Dr. Socolovsky has lectured on nutrition, food innovation and regulatory topics in more than 100 Conferences as invited expert, chair, resource person, and keynote speaker in several countries and has taught numerous courses in the USA, Canada, UK, México, Perú, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Spain and Argentina.

Dr. Socolovsky is President of Pentachem Consulting Group, a Buenos Aires based regulatory consulting network.