Dr. Durval Ribas Filho


Lecturer at the Fundação Faculdade de Medicina São José do Rio Preto. Postgraduate lecturer of Nutrology of the Brasilian Nutrology Association. Nutrology Lecturer at the School of Medicine at Fundação Padre Albino.


Member - Professor of Nutrology and Endocrinology at School of Medicine Padre Albino Foundation/São Paulo-Brazil, Medical Coordinator Chief of the National Postgraduate Course of the Brazilian Association of Nutrology (Medical Nutrition), Medical Director at Obesity/Metabolic Syndrome Department/ABRAN and President of the Brazilian Association of Nutrology/ABRAN

Biography - Dr. Durval RibasFilho is master and doctor of medicine (MD PhD) by FAMERP / São Paulo School of Medicine and has the title of specialist in Nutrology (Medical Nutrition), Internal Medicine and Endocrinology by the Federal Council of Brazilian Medical Association.

Dr. RibasFilho, currently holds the position of president of the Brazilian Association of Nutrology(ABRAN) and member of nutrology of technical chamber of the Medical Council of State of São Paulo. He is the director of the Department of Obesity of the Brazilian Association of Nutrology. He is associate professor of Endocrinology and Nutrology and also preceptor of obesity and metabolic syndrome at the university Hospital Emilio Carlos, in São Paulo.

Currently, he is a professor chief and the scientific coordinator of the National Pos Graduation Course of Nutrology and co-editor chief of the International Journal of Nutrology(IJO) and member of the scientific committee from Revista Argentina de Nutrición(SAN).

Dr. RibasFilho is the editor of the “Textbook of Nutrology” and regular contributor to radio and television as well as giving interviews to magazines often in the obesity area and metabolic syndrome in Brazil. He has much clinical experience and scientific papers in obesity. Many publications related to Medical Nutrition, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome. Member of the scientific committee and president of the Brazilian Congress of Nutrology since 2001. He also serves as the current president of the International Conference on Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome and Human Right to Adequate Food (2005-2016).