Dr. Mirjana Gurinovic


Scientific Research Advisor. Centre of Research Excellence in Nutrition and Metabolism. Institute for Medical Research. University of Belgrade. Serbia.


Experienced scientist who is actively engaged in research on nutrition, food composition, micronutrient recommendations, public health nutrition, epidemiology, diet and health.
She has considerable experience in international collaboration and work in a European dimension in several EC FP6&7 projects (see list bellow) and co-coordinating national projects and has led a national study of atherosclerotic risk factors, nutritional status and the nutrition quality of diet in schoolchildren, as well as dietary quality and health status in the adult population of the same area and nutritional status of refugees and internally displaced persons in Serbia. Created several software’s for nutrition planning and diet modelling, assessed the nutrition quality of a diet based on food record, and linked this with monitoring of the growth and nutritional status of children and the population. She was nominated in 2007 from the Ministry of Health (MoH) Republic of Serbia for the National Counterpart for World Health Organization (WHO).In 2009 she was nominated from MoH as the Expert Group member responsible for Nutrition and Obesity prevention in the National Strategy and Action plan development within primary prevention programme for the Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) prevention in Serbia.
As the chair of the Capacity Development Network in Nutrition in Central and Eastern Europe, NCDNCEE /CAPNUTRA, Serbia www.capnutra.org from 2005 she contributed to the improvement of the research infrastructure and capacity building for nutritional research in this region.