Dr. Mabel Alicia B. Carrera


President of the IUNS 21st International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) 2017, Buenos Aires.


̶ Graduate Doctor. University of Buenos Aires (UBA). 1971.
̶ Medical Specialist in Nutrition. University of Buenos Aires (UBA). 1974.
̶ Medical Specialist in Diabetes. Diabetes Argentinian Society. 1975.
̶ Medical Specialist in Medical Clinic. College of Physicians of the Province of Buenos Aires. District II. 1975.
̶ Graduate Doctor in Public Health. University of Buenos Aires (UBA). 1992.

̶ Medical Advisor in the National Ministry of Health. National Directorate of Medical Benefits. Argentina.
̶ Doctor in charge of the Nutrition and Diabetes Consulting Room. FJ Muñiz Hospital. Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Argentina. From 1991 to the present.

Collaboration in Books:
̶ Author. Chapter 30. “Nutrition of the patient with AIDS”. In “AIDS and associated diseases”. Benetucci, Jorge. Ed. López Libreros SRL. Buenos Aires. 1997.
̶ Author. Chapter 38. “Nutrition of the patient with HIV/AIDS disease”. In “AIDS and associated diseases, diagnosis, clinic and treatment”. 2nd Edition. Benetucci, Jorge. FUNDAI. 2001.
̶ Collaboration about topic: “Patient care: Nutritional Management”. In “AIDS prevention”. Medical Digital Library. Argentinian Medical Association (AMA). 2000.
̶ Author. Chapter “Nutrition of the patient with HIV/AIDS disease”. In “AIDS and associated diseases”. 3rd Edition. Benetucci, Jorge. 2007.
̶ Author. Chapter “Nutrition of the patient with HIV”. In “Manual of Adult Clinical Nutrition”. De Girolami, D. and González Infantino, C.. Professorship of Nutrition of the University of Buenos Aires. Ed. El Ateneo. 2008.
̶ Editorial coordinator and collaborator. “Federal Health Program”. 2004-2007. 2008-2011. Mazzarino, Susana. National Directorate of Medical Benefits. Ministry of Health. 2007.
̶ Collaborator. First (2005) and Second (2007) Commitment Letters to the Citizen. Federal Health Program. Ministry of Health.

̶ Assistant Professor. Public Health and Nutrition. Medical Specialists in Nutrition Course. Argentinian Catholic University (UCA).
̶ Manager of teaching, undergraduate, Nutrition Assignment. Teaching Unit of the FJ Muñiz Hospital. 2002-2013.
̶ Appointed to teaching. Professorship of Nutrition. School of Medicine. University of Buenos Aires (UBA). 1995
̶ Manager of teaching, undergraduate, Public Health Assignment. Teaching Unit of the FJ Muñiz Hospital. University of Buenos Aires (UBA).
̶ Academic Secretary. 3rd Clinical Nutrition Course. Argentinian Nutrition Society (SAN). 1995.
̶ Director. 10th Nutritional Clinic Course. Argentinian Nutrition Society (SAN). 2002.

Scientific Societies
̶ Permanent member. Argentinian Nutrition Society (SAN). 1984 to the present.
̶ Member, Protreasurer and Treasurer. Directive Committees. Argentinian Nutrition Society (SAN).
̶ Coordinator of the Subcommittee Library. Argentinian Nutrition Society (SAN). 1995-1997.
̶ President. Argentinian Nutrition Society (SAN). 2003-2004.
̶ President. International Colleges of American Nutrition (ICAN). 2011-2013.
̶ Member. Diabetes Argentinian Society. 1976 to the present.
̶ Member. Argentinian Association of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition.
̶ Coordinator of the Work Group: Nutrition and AIDS. Argentinian Nutrition Society (SAN). 1999-2002.
̶ Coordinator of the Work Group; Southern Cone Nutrition. Argentinian Nutrition Society (SAN). 2002.
̶ Coordinator. Continuous Education Committee. Argentinian Nutrition Society (SAN). 2004-2009.
̶ Coordinator of the Work Group: Public Health and Nutrition. Argentinian Nutrition Society (SAN). 2007-2012.
̶ President. XVII Argentinian Congress of Nutrition. 2009.