Prof. Dr. J. Alfredo Martínez


President-Elect of IUNS. Dept. Physiology and Nutrition. University of Navarra. Pamplona. Spain.


Alfredo Martínez Hernández, is a pharmacist and physician, Professor of Nutrition and director of the E-MENU Master at the University of Navarra, where he began his professional career in 1979.
Dr. Martinez's studies have focused on the fields of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics, both basic and applied, with a great international projection. In fact since 1997, the line of research "Nutrition, obesity and health" has generated about 250 international publications.
Biochemistry and molecular biology, public health, genetics, psychology or endocrinology in obesity are just some of the scientific branches that it collects in its professional capacity. He has been a member of important institutions such as the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity and Nutrition, the Council of the International Institute of Life Sciences or the European Institute of Food Sciences, among others, as well as president of FESNAD (2005-2010).
Throughout his career he has participated in more than fifty research projects and has more than 450 publications in the most prestigious journals of greatest impact among the medical-scientific community, such as New England, Journal of Medicine, Circulation, Lancel, Cell Metabolism, Pediatric, Amercan Journal of Clinical Nutrition, International Journal of Obesity, British Journal of Nutrition, etc.