Carlos Alberto Nogueira de Almeida

MD. PhD. Universidade de Ribeirão Preto. Brazil.


Md, MsC, PhD. Despite having started the career as a doctor in clinical practice and as an academic teacher at the university, in recent years I have dedicated to work closely with medical associations and companies. My main goal is to help the dissemination of scientific updated content, within the areas of food and nutrition, in order to aggregate knowledge to health professionals, KOL and industrial managers, that can be applied to improve the health of people and to aprimorate food and nutritional products. Additionally, I have worked with the industry to collaborate with the dissemination of concepts applied to products that require better disclosure and comprehension on the part of health professionals. Nowadays I am professor at the Medical Course of the Federal University fo São Carlos (UFSCAR) and I am the diretor of the pediatric department of the Braziliam Association of Nutrology (ABRAN).