Christiani Jeyakumar Henry

Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences. Singapore.


Professor Jeyakumar Henry is Director, Clinical Nutritional Sciences, at the Singapore
Institute for Clinical Sciences. Prof. Henry initially trained as a Food scientist and
subsequently obtained his MSc and PhD in Nutrition from the London School of Hygiene and
Tropical Medicine. His work on energy metabolism culminated in the development of the
“Henry equations” to predict Basal metabolic rate. Professor Henry has served on several
committees including UK committee on medical aspects of food and nutrition policy (COMA)
panel on Novel Foods, Board member of the UK Food Standards Agency, and member of the
general Advisory Committee on Science of the Food standard agency. Prof. Henry was Royal
Society visiting professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and continues to be
visiting professor at the same university. He is the Editor‐in‐Chief of the Advances in Food
and Nutrition Research, Editorial Board Member of the Nutrition Today, Editor‐in‐Chief,
Clinical Nutrition, Frontier in Nutrition and Scientific Director, ILSI‐SEA, International Life
Science Institute South East Asia. In 2010 he was awarded the British Nutrition Foundation
prize for his outstanding contribution to Nutrition. In 2012, he was made a Fellow of the
International Academy of Food Science and Technology for his contribution to melding the
sciences of Food and Nutrition.