Carmen Mazza

Nutrition Services Consultant. J. P. Garrahan Hospital. Editor of the Magazine of the Argentina Society of Diabetes and Child Medicine. Child Nutrition Specialist. Doctor of Medicine. Buenos Aires University. Argentina.


Medical Doctor, Buenos Aires University, March 1966.

Full Residence, Children Hospital R. Gutiérrez 1967-1970.

Head of the Service, Nutrition J. P. Garrahan Hospital by competition from 2000 to April 2012.

Researcher CIS, GABA until April 2012.

President Argentine Diabetes Society, 2007-2008.

Current position: Consultant Nutrition Services, J. P. Garrahan Hospital.

Editor magazine society Argentina of Diabetes and child medicine.

Director of the degree in Pediatrics Nutrition Specialist, Medicine Doctor, Buenos Aires University, Garrahan HQ.

Member of the Steering Committee, International Teens Study.

10 years: 30 publications.

Presentation at international conference 2013-2014.

17 accepted abstracts.