144/1002 - Lessons learned from multi-sectoral implementation of nutrition programs

Organized by: John Snow Incorporated (JSI) Research & Training Institute (USA)
Sunday 15 October 8.30 - 13.00 h. Room 2

Why is a multi-sectoral approach needed for nutrition, and why is it so hard to actually put that it into practice?


Dr. Agnes Guyon

Director of the Maternal and Child Health Center. John Snow Incorporated (JSI). France.

What have we learned on programming nutrition sensitive agriculture?


Heather Danton

Director. Food Security and Nutrition. SPRING Project. John Snow Incorporated (JSI). USA.

How health and nutrition can be, and are being, brought together, and what is the unfinished agenda?


Dr. Francesco Branca

Department of Nutrition for Health and Development. World Health Organization. Switzerland.

Why is it so important to include WASH in nutrition programs?


Dr. Jennifer Nielsen

Senior Nutrition Advisor. Hellen Keller International. USA.