144/1026 - Farm to Fork—Pathways to Nutrition Outcomes and Implementation Challenges of Integrated Agriculture-Programs

Organized by: Helen Keller International (HKI) (USA)
Track 8: Agriculture, Food Science and Safety
Sunday 15 October 14.00 - 18.30 h. Room 3 - Libertador B

Part A: Implementation challenges for integrated nutrition sensitive agriculture programs


Dr. Bonnie McClafferty

GAIN. Director. Agriculture and Nutrition. USA.

Part A: Why are integrated nutrition sensitive agriculture programs necessary and what are the implementation challenges?


Dr. Stella Nordhagen

Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser. Helen Keller International. Senegal.

Part A: Response to Overview Talk


Dr. Ame Stormer

Regional Director. Asia-Pacific. Helen Keller International. Cambodia.

Dr. Jan Low

International Potato Center. USA.

Part A:Case Study: Creating Homestead Agriculture for Nutrition and Gender Equity (CHANGE) project


Dr. Tom van Mourik

Regional Agricultural Adviser. Senegal.

Part A:East Africa Diary Development Project


Dr. Kwame Akoto Osei

Heifer International. Ghana.

Part B:Evidence of impact of integrated agriculture-nutrition programs


Dr. Rolf Klemm

Vice President for Nutrition. Helen Keller International. USA.

Part B: Update on evidence of the contributions of agriculture-nutrition programs to improving nutrition


Dr. Marie Ruel

Director Poverty, Health and Nutrition Division. International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). USA.

Part B:Designing and implementing complex monitoring, evaluation, and research systems for complex nutrition programs: Suaahara II as a case study


Dr. Kenda Cunningham

Senior Technical Adviser. Helen Keller International. Nepal.

Part B:Measuring impact in the RAIN project in Zambia


Dr. Rahul Rawat

Program Officer. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. USA.

Part B: Lessons learned and a pathway forward for measurement in HKI's programs in Asia


Mr. Gary Mundy

Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser-Asia-Pacific Region. Helen Keller International.