144/1069 - Towards healthier practices: when nutrition epidemiology meets food socio-anthropology

Organized by: Danone Nutricia Research (France)
Track 3: Public Health Nutrition and Environment
Monday 16 October 17.00 - 19.00 h. Room 3 - Libertador B


Dr. Miriam Bertrán Vilá

Depto. Atención a la Salud UAM-Xochimilco. MexicoDepto. Atención a la Salud UAM-Xochimilco. Mexico

Eating is dynamic, importance of having dietary data and a dynamic lecture of food habits


Dr. Esteban Carmuega

Director. Centre of Studies on Child Nutrition (CESNI). Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Eating is also social & cultural, importance of taking into account socio-cultural dimensions of alimentation to go beyond nutrition dimension and normative approaches


Prof. Hayat Zirari

Professor of Anthropology. University Hassan II. Morocco.

From knowing the reality to implementing concrete public health actions


Prof. Marle Alvarenga

Department of Nutrition.Grupo Especializado em Nutrição. Obesidade e Transtornos Alimentares (GENTA). School of Public Health University of Sao Paulo. Brazil.