144/88 - Is there a Role for Dietary/Food Supplements in Nutrition and Health?

Organized by: International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations (UK)
Track 6: Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds
Tuesday 17 October 17.00 - 19.00 h. Room 9 - Retiro A

Welcome from the session Chair: Framing the issue


Dr. Johanna Dwyer

Tufts University School of Medicine. Boston. USA.

From challenges of the past to opportunities of the future: Evolution of the field of nutrition


Dr. Andrew Shao

Chair of the IADSA Scientific Council. Representative of Herbalfe Nutrition. Los Angeles. USA.

Dietary/food supplements in health promotion: Illustrations of the benefits and risks of research


Dr. Jeffrey Blumberg

Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy. Boston. USA.

Regulation of dietary/food supplements: A global overview


Simon Pettman

Executive Director. IADSA. London. United Kingdom.

Panel Discussion


Prof. Silvia Franciscato Cozzolino

University of Sao Paulo. Brazil.

Prof. Ricardo Uauy

MD. PhD. Nevin Scrimshaw International Nutrition Foundation. Boston. USA. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medecine. London. United Kingdom.

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