144/129 - Stevia: An Ally to Support Nutrition and Health

Organized by: International Stevia Council (ISC) & Calorie Control Council (CCC) (Belgium)
Track 4: Nutrition and Management of Diseases
Tuesday 17 October 17.00 - 19.00 h. Room 8



Dr. Susana Socolovsky

PhD in Chemistry. Expert in Technology Innovation and Technical Advisor in Regulatory and Scientific Matters for Latin America. Senior lecturer and researcher. University of Buenos Aires.

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Health and Wellness of Stevia


Dr. Keith Ayoob

Albert Einstein College of Medicine. USA.

Global Demand for Stevia and Stevia Labelling Wordlwide


Maria Teresa Scardigli

International Stevia Council. Belgium.

Overview of Stevia Approvals by the Global Safety Authorities


Dr. Ashley Roberts

Intertek Regulatory & Scientific Consultancy. Ontario. Canada.

Application and Innovation in Stevia and Taste Development


Dr. John Fry

Connect Consulting. United Kingdom.