144/114 - New tools for nutritional assessment in early life: how to manage them

Organized by: Sociedad Uruguaya de Salud Colectiva (SUSAC) (Uruguay)
Track 5: Nutrients and Nutritional Assessment
Wednesday 18 October 8.00 - 10.00 h. Room 10 - Auditorium


Dr. María Cecilia Severi

University of Medicine. Montevideo. Uruguay.

Gestational weight gain standars in the Intergrowth 21 st Project: implication to policy makers


Prof. Gilberto Kac

Observatório de Epidemiologia Nutricional. Instituto de Nutrição Josué Castro. Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.

Intergrowth 21 st Project: what is new for newborn anthropometric assesment?


Prof. María Mercedes Medina Vadora

Interdisciplinary Group of Family Studies. Universidad de la República. Uruguay.

Epidemiological implications of the new WHO anthropometric references and their limit values and the implementation process in Argentine.


Dr. Enrique Abeyá Gilardón

Nutritional Area. National Department of Mother, Newborn, Child and Adolescent. Ministry of Health. Argentina.

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