144/146 - Novel Functions and Uses of Amino Acids

Organized by: Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science and Japanese Society for Amino Acid Sciences (Japan)
Track 5: Nutrients and Nutritional Assessment
Monday 16 October 8.00 - 10.00 h. Room 9 - Retiro A


Prof. Yoshiharu Shimomura

Nagoya University. Japan.

Prof. Hisanori Kato

Project Professor. Organization for Interdisciplinary Research Projects. The University of Tokyo. President of the IUNS 22nd ICN 2021.

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Nutrient use to cancer


Prof. Matthew Vander Heiden

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. USA.

Regulation of cellular metabolism by amino acids


Prof. Scot R. Kimball

Penn State College of Medicine. USA.

Exploring BCAA function using gene-engineered mice


Prof. Yasuyuki Kitaura

Nagoya University. Japan.

Quantitative proteomics reveal overall amino acid transport systems and related signaling


Prof. Shushi Nagamori

Osaka University. Japan.

Methionine metabolism regulates the functions of human pluripotent stem cells


Prof. Nobuaki Shiraki

Tokyo Institute of Technology. Japan.