144/102 - African Graduate Nutrition Students Network (AGSNet) Symposium at ICN, 2017

Organized by: African Graduate Nutrition Students Network (AGSNet) (Africa)
Track 7: Food Culture Practices and Nutritional Education
Wednesday 18 October 11.30 - 13.30 h. Room 8 - Retiro B


Dr. Folake Samuel

PhD.Department of Human Nutrition Faculty of Public Health College of Medicine University of Ibadan. Nigeria

Graduate Nutrition Students, critical tools for reducing malnutrition in Africa


Dr. Joseph Ashong

Coordinator AGSNet University Ghana. Ghana.

Efforts by African Nutrition Society (ANS) to meeting capacity building needs of Africa


Dr. Amos Laar

President African Nutrition Society (ANS). Ghana

I cannot sit here and eat alone when I know a fellow Ghanaian is suffering; we were not brought up that way”: Perceptions of food insecurity amongst Ghanaian migrants


Hibbah Araba Osei-Kwasi

University of Sheffield. United Kingdom

Body composition in pre-pubertal Moroccan children using isotope dilution: Development and validation of bioelectrical impedance analysis equations for prediction total body water and fat-free mass


Imane El Harchaoui

CNESTEN- Ibn Tofail University. Morocco

African Nutrition Leadership and Capacity building in Africa


Prof. Johann Jerling

North West University. Potchefstroom, South Africa.