144/161 - Impact of menopause on the nutritional health of Argentinian women" UBACyT Projects 2008-2017

Organized by: Buenos Aires' University. School of Medicine. School Nutrition (Argentina)
Monday 16 October 8.00 - 10.00 h. Room 12

Body modifications in adult women and increased cardiometabolic risk. Project Presentation UBACyT 2008-2017.


Dr. María Elena Torresani

PhD. Director Ubacyt Project 2008-2017. Argentina.

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Food profile and lifestyle of women through over the years.


Mg. Andrea Solans

Mg. Social Anthropologist. Researcher at UBACyT "Anthropology of health, disease and care", Anthropology and Health Program, Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, University of Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Changes in eating behavior: carb compulsion, binge eating and night-eating in relation to the state of anxiety, stress and self-esteem of women.


María Laura Oliva

Nutritionist. Researcher Ubacyt Project 2008-2017. Argentina.

Bone changes and nutritional approach to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


María Laura Rossi

Nutritionist. PhD student. Researcher Ubacyt Project 2008-2017. Argentina.