Simultaneous sessions 3

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Oral Presentations Track 1: Advances in Nutrition Research III
Room 2 - Libertador C


Prof. Michele Monroy Valle

University of San Carlos of Guatemala. Guatemala.

144/1836: Identification of blood cell transcript levels of Pomc and Agrp in the offspring of gestational calorie restricted rats as potential biomarkers of predisposition to impaired energy homeostasis control

Author(s): Nara Szostaczuk; Evert van Schothorst; Juana Sánchez; Teresa Priego; Melissa Bekkenkamp-Grovenstein; Jaap Keijer; Andreu Palou; Catalina Picó;

144/1843: Association between Food Insecurity and nutritional status of adult woman

Author(s): VENKAYYA KODAVALLA; Meshram Indrapal; Longvah T; Harriet Kuhnlein; Phrang Roy;

144/1854: Modernizing Dietary Assessment

Author(s): Isabel Garcia Perez; Joram M Posma; Rachel Gibson; Edward S Chambers; Jeremy K Nicholson; Elaine Holmes; Gary Frost;

144/1903: An epigenome-wide association study (EWAS) of obesity-related traits

Author(s): Kim Braun; Klodian Dhana; Jana Nano; Trudy Voortman; Joyce van Meurs; Andre Uitterlinden; Albert Hofman; Oscar Franco; Abbas Dehghan;

144/2110: Short term effect of early overnutrition in the transcriptome of Wistar rat hypothalamus (Rattus norvegicus).

Author(s): Miguel Angel Espinoza Camacho; Gerardo Sánchez-García; Carlos Javier López-Victorio; Alfredo Varela-Echavarría; Jorge Tonatiuh Ayala-Sumuano; Luis Antonio Castro-Reyes; Elena González-Zambrano; Maria Elizabeth Tejero; Enrique Hong-Chong; Laura del Bosque-Plata;

144/2299: Do measures of sweet taste intensity and hedonic liking of glucose play a role in dietary intake of sweet food?

Author(s): Marilize Richter; Guojiao Cao; Shakeela Jayasinghe; Rozanne Kruger; Breier Bernhard; Daniel Walsh;

144/2500: High-fat diet disrupts peripheral circadian clocks in white and brown adipose tissues

Author(s): Dongyang Li; Tomomi Yamazaki;

144/2673: Application of a new challenge method: Improving metabolic resilience with wholegrain wheat products

Author(s): Johanna H.M. Stroeve; Femke P.M. Hoevenaars; Iris de Hoogh; Diederik Esser; Sophie Schutte; Marion G. Priebe; Roel Vonk; Jan-Willem van der Kamp; Lydia Afman; Suzan Wopereis;

144/2698: In obese women, increased blood volume and reduced serum iron partially explain the higher risk for iron deficiency.

Author(s): Ana Carla Cepeda Lopez; Alida Melse-Boonstra; Nicole Mettler-Naef; Sandro Manuel Mueller; Marco Toigo; Michael Bruce Zimmermann; Isabelle Herter-Aeberli;

Oral Presentations Track 2: Nutrition Through Life Course III
Room 4 - Libertador A


Prof. Berthold Koletzko

Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich. Munich. Germany.

144/1666: The effect of iodine supplementation in mildly iodine-deficient pregnant women on child development: a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Sueppong Gowachirapant; Nidhi Jaiswal; Alida Melse-Boonstra; Valeria Galetti; Sara Stinca; Pattanee Winichagoon; Krishnamachari Srinivasan; Michael Bruce Zimmermann;

144/1746: Macronutrient composition of early childhood diet is related to growth and adiposity during childhood

Author(s): Trudy Voortman; Vincent Jaddoe; Oscar Franco;

144/1835: Vegetarian and vegan diets in pre-pubertal Polish children: elucidating benefits and costs in growth, metabolism and cardiovascular risk

Author(s): Desmond Malgorzata; Jakub Sobiecki; Maciej Jaworski; Janusz Ksiazyk; Mary Fewtrell; Jonathan C Wells;

144/1995: Timely counselling as a strategy to imrove age appropriate infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices among mothers from urban slums of Vadodara

Author(s): Suneeta Chandorkar; Priyanka Patil;

144/1997: Effect of multiple micronutrient supplementation in lactating women on infant growth and morbidity: a double-blind randomized controlled trial in rural Burkina Faso.

Author(s): Hermann Bienou Lanou; Kimberley Bouckaert; Dominique Roberfroid; Patrick Kolsteren; Seni Kouanda; Lieven Huybregts;

144/2638: Infant breastmilk intakes and mothers’ body composition and energy expenditure: a comparative study

Author(s): Eric Matsiko; Paul Hulshof; Laura Van der Velde; Marlou Floor Kenkhuis; Lisine Tuyisenge; Alida Melse-Boonstra;

144/2908: Iodine status in breast milk during the first 12 weeks postpartum in Tianjin, China

Author(s): Wei Wang; Wanqi Zhang; Yu Sun; Wen Chen; Yixin Zhang; Long Tan; Jun Shen; Zhuo Zhao;

144/2971: 10-year risk estimation for type 2 diabetes mellitus in university students in Asunción, Paraguay

Author(s): Natalia Elizabeth Gonzalez Cañete;

144/2978: Development of Multi-sectoral Nutrition Action Plan; Tanzania Experience

Author(s): Joyceline Kaganda; Festo Kavishe;

Oral Presentations Track 3: Public Health Nutrition and Environment III
Room 1 - San Telmo


Prof. Lynnette M. Neufeld

Director of Monitoring, Learning and Research at the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). Canada.

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144/1668: Impact of the Farmer Nutrition School Intervention on Improved Dietary Diversity of Women: Results of a Cohort Study from the USAID SPRING Project in Bangladesh

Author(s): Aaron Hawkins; Jillian Waid; Md. Mehedi Hasan;

144/1695: Multisectoral nutrition in practice: accelerating stunting reduction through decentralized multisectoral platforms in Yorosso district, Mali

Author(s): Dia Sanou; Roger Sodjinou; Bernard Coulibaly; Bienfait Eca M'Mbakwa; Amadou Traore; Ousmane Traore; Modibo Diarra; Sidi El Moctar Touré; Noel Marie Zagre; Suzanne Gervais; David Pelletier;

144/1703: Alignment of wheat and maize flour fortification standards with WHO recommendations in countries with mandatory fortification.

Author(s): Katya Bobrek; Britt Broersen; Nancy Aburto; Aashima Garg; Mary Serdula; Filiberto Beltran Velazquez; Eugene C. Wong; Helena Pachón;

144/1728: Acceptability of a Locally-Produced Multiple Micronutrient-Fortified Ready-to-Use Supplementary Food (RUSF) for Children Under Two Years in Cambodia

Author(s): Bindi Borg; Daream Sok; Seema Mihrshahi; Mark Griffin; Chamnan Chhoun; Arnaud Laillou; Jacques Berger; Frank Wieringa;

144/1739: Implementation of a tool to evaluate policy actions and commitments of chain restaurants in Canada

Author(s): Marie-Eve Labonte; Gary Sacks; Laura Vergeer; Ella Robinson; Stefanie Vandevijere; Boyd Swinburn; Mary L'Abbé;

144/1758: The double burden of malnutrition in Colombian pregnant women

Author(s): Diego Gaitan-Charry; Efrain Vasquez; Laura Inés González-Zapata; Eliana Perez; Gustavo Cediel;

144/1761: Initial Situation Assessment on School Food and Nutrition in Africa

Author(s): Andrea Polo Galante; Josephine Kiamba; Mauricio Mireles; Mawuli Sablah; Mohamed AgBendech; Dia Sanou;

144/1767: Monitoring of the national oil and wheat flour fortification programme in Cameroon: application of a programme impact pathway framework

Author(s): Henry Mark; Jules Guintang Assiene; Hanqi Luo; Martin nankap; Amrita Pattar; David Killilea; Reina Engle-Stone;

144/1777: Dutch food-based dietary guidelines: health and sustainability combined in the Wheel of Five

Author(s): Elisabeth Brink; Astrid Postma-Smeets; Annette Stafleu; Danielle Wolvers; Corné Van Dooren; Caroline Van Rossum; Marjolein Geurts; Ido Toxopeus; Mirjam Van de Kamp; Marga Ocke;

Oral Presentations Track 3: Public Health Nutrition and Environment III
Room 3 - Libertador B


Prof. Juan Ángel Rivera Dommarco

General Director. National Institute of Public Health.Mexico.

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144/2372: Protein intake and the development of type 2 diabetes

Author(s): Trudy Voortman; Zhangling Chen; Oscar Franco; Trudy Voortman;

144/2377: Multisectoral anemia platform strengthening: Lessons learned in Sierra Leone and Uganda

Author(s): Danya Sarkar; Teemar Fisseha; Hillary Murphy; Mary Hodges; Nancy Adero; Sorrel Namaste;

144/2393: Incorporating Fresh Foods in daily meal in Nairobi urban slum schools efforts to increase dietary diversity.

Author(s): Dina Aburmishan; Lara Fossi; Judy Ndungu; Shaun Hughes; Christine Akunaye;

144/2394: Repurposing commercially unacceptable fresh foods in school meals in Nairobi urban slum primary schools

Author(s): Dina Aburmishan; CJ Jones; Marjon Castelijns; Lara Fossi; Shaun Hughes;

144/2408: Egg vs Organic Egg Preferences of Turkish Consumers According To Food Value Scale

Author(s): Elif Esra Ozturk-Duran; Ayse Seyma Erdinc; Derya Dikmen; Basma Ellahi;

144/2636: Food and beverage reformulation would make it easier to reach simultaneously all nutritional recommendations in the French adult population

Author(s): Matthieu Maillot; Lisa Privet; Gabriel Masset;

144/2667: Understanding barriers and facilitators for breastfeeding, donor human milk, and kangaroo mother care among mothers and influencers of preterm and sick neonates in India

Author(s): Kiersten Israel-Ballard; Ruchika Chugh Sachdeva; Jayashree Mondkar; Sunita Shanbhag; Minu Sinha; Aisha Khan; Maya Wankhede; Sudip Mahapatra; Rajib Dasgupta;

144/2840: Using targeted beneficiary surveys to measure nutrition outcomes in low-resource settings following intensive interventions: Examples from the SPRING Project in Bangladesh, Ghana, and Nigeria

Author(s): Timothy Williams; Amanda Pomeroy-Stevens; Altrena Mukuria;

Oral Presentations Track 4: Nutrition and Management of Diseases III
Room 5 - La Pampa


Prof. Duo Li

Qingdao University. China.

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144/1780: Adherence to the 2015 Dutch dietary guidelines and its associations with mortality and incidence of non-communicable diseases in the Rotterdam Study

Author(s): Josje Schoufour; Trudy Voortman; Jessica Kiefte-de Jong; Oscar Franco; Josje Schoufour;

144/1959: Effect of cinnamon on morphology and physiology of liver in rats

Author(s): Mahpara Safdar;

144/2171: Social jet lag, obesity and non-communicable chronic diseases

Author(s): Maria Mota; Catarina Silva; Laura Balieiro; Bruna Fernandes; Jokasta Rocha; Luisa Furlan; Walid Fahmy; Cibele Crispim;

144/2586: Molecular Bases Underlying the chemo preventive Effects of Docosahexaenoic acid

Author(s): Marjan Ajami; Hamidreza Pazoki Toroudi;

144/2647: The association between mindfulness and the metabolic syndrome is modified by history of depression

Author(s): Erika Guyot; Julia Baudry; Benjamin Allès; Serge Hercberg; Pilar Galan; Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot; Sandrine Péneau;

144/2724: Dietary intake of nutrients and compromised periodontal health: The Concord Health and Ageing Men Project.

Author(s): Kate Milledge; Robert Cumming; Frederick Wright; Vasikaran Naganathan; Fiona Blyth; David Le Couteur; Vasant Hirani;

144/2806: Improving the management of severe acute malnutrition among infants and children through capacity building: findings from an evaluation study with Malnutrition eLearning

Author(s): Sunhea Choi; Ho-Ming Yuen; Reginald Adjetey Annan; Michele Monroy Valle; Andrew Pulman; Nana Esi Aduku; Samuel Kyei-boateng; Trevor Pickup;

144/3017: Effects of biotin status on glycemic control in rats

Author(s): Zhu Wang; Xuesong Xiang; Jiuling Wei; Xuesong Zhang;

Oral Presentations Track 5: Nutrients and Nutritional Assessment III
Room 9 - Retiro A


Dr. María Ángeles Zulet

Departamento de Ciencias de la Alimentación y Fisiología; Centro de Investigación en Nutrición. Universidad de Navarra. Pamplona. España. CIBERobn. Carlos III Institute of Health. Madrid. Spain.

144/1735: Zinc intakes and dietary sources in an Irish adult population.

Author(s): Yvonne Lenighan; Anne P. Nugent; Janette Walton; Albert Flynn; Helen Roche; Breige A. McNulty;

144/1740: Phytic acid content determines the iron bioavailability from wheat genotypes

Author(s): Yvette Wilda Jyrwa; Ravindranadh Palika; Ananthan R.; Raghu Pullakhandam; Thingnganing Longvah;

144/1755: Measurement of human milk intake using stable isotope in Indian rural infants from birth to 24 months: a longitudinal study

Author(s): Urmila Deshmukh; Tinku Thomas; Sumathi Swaminathan; Anura Vishwanath Kurpad;

144/2094: Maternal iron absorption and iron transfer to the fetus during pregnancy in normal-weight and overweight/obese women and the effects on infant iron status

Author(s): Nicole Ursula Stoffel; Michael Bruce Zimmermann; Christophe Zeder; Katharina Quack-Loetscher; Isabelle Herter-Aeberli;

144/2501: Retention, Iron Bioavailability and Sensory evaluation of Extruded Rice Fortified with Iron, Folic acid and Vitamin B12

Author(s): Radhika Madhari; Yvette WJ; Raghu P; Elumalai P; Swetha B; Naveen kumar B; Longvah T;

144/2768: Is energy expenditure considered in the literature when energy intake is measured? A need for a methodological consensus

Author(s): Marcela González-Gross; Raquel Aparicio Ugarriza; Sergio Calonge-Pascual; Sonia Gómez-Martínez; Alberto Garcia-Carro; Javier Sanz-Valero; J. Alfredo Martínez; Ángel Gil; Ascensión Marcos; Luis A. Moreno;

144/2887: The prevalence of malnutrition in ENRICH project sites in Bangladesh, Kenya, Myanmar, Pakistan and Tanzania

Author(s): Asrat Tolossa; Abena Thomas; Melanie Gillespie;

144/2898: Adverse effects on thyroid of Chinese children exposed to long-term iodine excess: Optimal and Safe upper intake level of iodine for 7-14-year-old children

Author(s): Wanqi Zhang; Wen Chen; Wei Wang; Cong Du; Yalan Wu; Jiancao Bian; Jun Shen; Laixiang Lin; Long Tan; Xiaoming Wang;

Oral Presentations Track 6: Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds III
Room 6 - Catalinas


Prof. Hisanori Kato

Project Professor. Organization for Interdisciplinary Research Projects. The University of Tokyo. President of the IUNS 22nd ICN 2021.

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144/2264: Physicochemical, Functional and Nutritional characterization of Raw Flour obtained from different Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) and Ñampi (Dioscorea trifida)

Author(s): Rosa Itzela Quintero Montenegro; Ximena Valenzuela; Alejandrino Sevillano; Dayra Rivera;

144/2330: Consumption of milk products with 100% B-casein A2 improves overall gastrointestinal tolerance but had no effect on behavior of mexican children with autism spectrum disorder

Author(s): Karina Alejandra Pedroza García; Dolores Ronquillo; Jorge Raúl Palacios Delgado; Miriam Aracely Anaya-Loyola; Jorge L. Rosado;

144/2476: Total polyphenol content and antioxidant capacity in juice and peel of blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum) grown in Cañete Valley, Peru.

Author(s): Elena Elizabeth Lon Kan Prado; Edwin Antonio Macavilca Ticlayauri; Carlos Alberto Lon Kan Prado; Carlos Canchos Chipana; Jyothisa Eva-Gina Reyes Veramendi;

144/2487: Effect of deep frying on bioactive components of wheat flour products

Author(s): Jamuna Prakash; Morteza Oghbaei;

144/2509: Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) as a natural Bio-active component in protecting the toxicities induced by Lead and Amyloid peptide in Human brain cells

Author(s): Suresh Challa; Rajanna Ajumeera; Neelima Ayyalasomayajula;

144/2678: Recommendation vs. reality: a global assessment of fruit and vegetable intake and variety

Author(s): Keith Randolph; Mary Murphy; Leila Barraj; Judith Spungen; Dena R Herman; Keith Randolph;

144/2691: Effect of aqueous leaves extract from Passiflora alata Curtis and Vitexin, Isoorientin in co-culture of min6/lymphocytes from NOD mice in oxidative stress and cell death

Author(s): Talita Cristina Colomeu; Talita Cristina Colomeu; Daniella De Figueiredo; Priscila De Matos Da Silva; Virginia de Campos Carvalho; Nayara Simon Gonzalez Schumacher; Debora Moitinho Abram; Luis Gustavo Romani Fernandes; Ricardo de Lima Zollner;

144/2695: Effect of aqueous extract of Passiflora alata Curtis, catechin and rutin in proliferation, apoptosis, ERK phosphorylation and AKT signaling pathway of lymphocytes (NOD mice) from co-culture with MIN6

Author(s): Daniella De Figueiredo; Daniella Figueiredo; Talita Cristina Colomeu; Priscila De Matos Da Silva; Virginia de Campos Carvalho; Nayara Simon Gonzalez Schumacher; Debora Moitinho Abram; Luis Gustavo Romani Fernandes; Ricardo de Lima Zollner;

Oral Presentations Track 7: Food Culture Practices and Nutritional Education III
Room 8 - Retiro B


Prof. Rekia Belahsen

Training and Research Unit on Nutrition & Food Sciences. Chouaib Doukkali University. El Jadida, Morocco.

See biography

144/2422: Determinants of adherence to micronutrient powders among children 6-11 months of age in rural Ethiopia.

Author(s): Aregash Samuel; Nindya Putri Pamungkas; Ingeborg Brouwer; Abdul Aziz Adish; Amha Kebebe; Saskia Osendarp;

144/2484: Food and Nutrition Literacy (FNLIT) is associated with dietary habits in children

Author(s): Nasrin Omidvar; Aazam Doustmohammadian; Nastaran Keshavarz Mohammadi; Maryam Amini; Morteza Abdollahi; Hassan Eini-Zinab;

144/2524: Common maternal feeding behaviors in infant feeding difficulties – responsive or coercive?

Author(s): Rachel Machado; Abykeyla Mellisse Tosatti; Gabriela Malzyner; Priscila Maximino Maximino; Cláudia de Cássia Ramos; Ana Beatriz Bozzini; Letícia Ribeiro; Attilio Rigotti;

144/2529: Food and Nutrition Literacy (FNLIT) and its predictors in elementary school children in Iran

Author(s): Aazam Doustmohammadian; Nasrin Omidvar; Nastaran Keshavarz Mohammadi; Maryam Amini; Hassan Eini-Zinab; Morteza Abdollahi; Zeinab Amirhamidi; Saeed esfandiari;

144/2541: Easier to change environments than to change behavior? Rethinking food choice dynamics increase sales of healthy snacks among young people in vocational school canteens

Author(s): Bent Egberg Mikkelsen; Annette Quinto Romani;

144/2562: Illegal commercial sales of infant formula and infant products in Rio de Janeiro City, Brazil.

Author(s): Cristiano Siqueira Boccolini; Maria Inês Couto de Oliveira; LUCILENE AFONSO BERTOLDO; Karine Borges da Silva; Gloria Priscila Nunes Rodrigues;

144/2605: Promotion of local agrobiodiversity improves diets of women and children in North West Vietnam: a cluster RCT

Author(s): Jessica E Raneri; Ky Hoang; Peter Berti; Gina Kennedy; Carl Lachat;

144/2714: Mexican food banks: From alleviating food insecurity to promoting healthy eating habits

Author(s): Ana Carla Cepeda Lopez; Angélica Quiroga Garza; Erika Delgado González; Ana Maria Vera Sayago; Eduardo Plascencia Mendoza; Ana Cristina Leyva Ramos; Sergio Antonio Banda Cambron; Almendra Ortiz-Tirado Aguilar;

144/2770: Influence of meal cultures on food and nutrition security: a case of African Indigenous Vegetables in Kenya

Author(s): Anne Musotsi; Mary Abukutsa;

Oral Presentations Track 8: Agriculture, Food Science and Safety III
Room 7 - Retiro C


Ana Laura De La Garza Hernández

144/2486: Effect of polishing on content and bioaccessibility of selected minerals from five rice varieties

Author(s): Jamuna Prakash; Vijayalaxmi Kamaraddi;

144/3002: Residual β-carotene and cyanide levels in gari produced from unfermented yellow casssava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) using local processing method

Author(s): Ignatius Onimawo; Victor Onimawo; Osas Alamu;

144/2600: Reorienting food systems towards improving nutrition outcomes: measuring nutritional quality of agricultural production

Author(s): Jessica Bogard;

144/2620: Comparative study of the chemical composition of pine nuts grown in six countries

Author(s): Mariane Lutz; Veronica Loewe; Ángela Zuleta;

144/2657: Operationalizing Multi-Sectoral Coordination and Collaboration Strategies for Improved Nutrition

Author(s): Heather Danton; Samantha Clark; Alyssa Klein; Lidan Du; Sarah Titus;

144/2866: Promotion of biofortifed crops to improve micronutrient intake among children under five and women in child bearign age in Tanzania, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Author(s): Asrat Tolossa; Abena Thomas;

144/2967: Performance and carcass characteristics of broiler chickens fed dried cashew apple pulp in replacement for maize.

Author(s): Iyabode Kehinde Yisa; Oyebiodun Grace Longe; Oluseyi Awojulugbe; Olusegun Oshibanjo;

Oral Presentations Iberoamerican Topics III
Room 10 - Auditorium


Dr. Manuel Eduardo Baldeón

Center for Biomedical Research. School of Medicine. Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial. Quito. Ecuador.

144/2080: Association of the FTO Fat mass and obesity – associated gene rs9939609 polymorphism with rewarding value of food and eating behavior in Chilean children

Author(s): Ana Maria Obregon Rivas; Jose Luis Santos; Macarena Valladares; Gary Goldfield;

144/2201: Expression modulation of Agtr1a and Bdkrb2 genes in hypertensive rats treated with extract of chia seeds

Author(s): Blanca Edelia Gonzalez; Gerardo Ismael Arredondo Mendoza; Francisco Javier Guzmán de la Garza; Eduardo Campos Góngora;

144/2310: Mapping the availability of Healthy Food in Buenos Aires

Author(s): Leila Yasmin Garipe; Ornella Santoruffo; María Guadalupe Papurello; Sofía Belén Chiavassa; Gabriela Goldsztejn; Natalia Pace; Diego Hernán Giunta;

144/2385: Process evaluation of the cluster randomized controlled trial ACTIVITAL- A school-based health promotion intervention

Author(s): Angelica Ochoa; Angelica Ochoa Avilés; Roosmarijn Verstraeten; Dolores Susana Andrade Tenesaca; Diana Jesús Andrade Muñoz; Patricia Liliana Ramírez Jimbo; Silvana Patricia Donoso Moscoso; Patrick Kolsteren;

144/2520: Comparison between equations to estimate energy requirement for women from Antioquia with excess weight (Colombia)

Author(s): Gloria Cecilia De Ossa Restrepo; Sandro Gómez Maquet; John Edinson Velasquez; Luis Fernando Restrepo; Daniela Rodriguez;

144/2593: Free time, recreation and its relationship with the nutritional state by body mass index, in University population

Author(s): PATRICIA HERNÁNDEZ JUAN; PATRICIA HERNÁNDEZ JUAN; Vidalma del Rosario Bezares Sarmiento; Magnolia Solís López; Juan Marcos León Gonzaléz; Alma Cristina Bezares Parada; María del Rocío Pascacio González;

144/2613: Food supply at children school centers, and preschoolars’ nutritional state before and after food nutrition orientation

Author(s): Vidalma del Rosario Bezares Sarmiento; José Manuel Ballinas Aquino Ballinas Aquino; Juan Marcos León Gonzaléz; KARINA JEANETTE Toalá Bezares; Nely Isabel Cruz Serrano; Verónica Guadalupe Coello Trujillo;

144/2696: Procedural assessment in food and nutrition education groups focusing on autonomy for food choices

Author(s): Viviane Laudelino Vieira; Bruna Zillesg Borges dos Santos; Samantha Caesar de Andrade;

144/3016: Evaluation of the effect of partial substitution of treated vetch seeds flour (Vicia sativa) by wheat flour (Triticum Spp) in functional and sensory properties of bread

Author(s): Pedro Maldonado; Lucía Buitrón Sierra;

Oral Presentations Miscellaneous Tracks III
Room 13 - Águila


Dr. María José Soto Méndez

Iberoamerican Nutrition Foundation (FINUT). Spain.

144/1993: Offspring DNA methylation changes in response to maternal folic acid supplementation in the second and third trimesters: evidence from a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Aoife Caffrey; Rachelle Irwin; Helene McNulty; Colum Walsh; Diane Lees-Murdock; Sean JJ Strain; Kristina Pentieva;

144/2116: Prenatal supplementation with small-quantity lipid-based nutrient supplements or multiple micronutrients increases urinary iodine concentration in semi-urban Ghana: A randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Seth Adu-Afarwuah; Anna Lartey; Harriet Okronipa; Per Ashorn; Mary Arimond; Kathryn G. Dewey;

144/2413: Utilizing digital technology for paperless data collection and real time monitoring of research projects

Author(s): Qazi Sadeq-ur Rahman; Tanvir Mahmudul Huda; Mohammad Masudur Rahman; Shahreen Raihana; A.K.M. Tanvir Hossain; Md. Jahiduj Jaman; Tazeen Tahsina; Sajia Islam; Shams El Arifeen; Michael Dibley;

144/2584: Recovery, relapse, and episodes of default in the management of acute malnutrition in children in humanitarian emergencies: A systematic review.

Author(s): Robert Akparibo; Andrew Booth; Andrew C.K Lee;

144/2611: Effect of infection on nutritional status of infants in a cohort study of Vitamin A in western Kenya

Author(s): Frederick Grant; Rose Wanjala; Jan Low; Carol Levin; Donald Cole; Haile Selassie Okuku; Robert Ackatia-Armah; Amy Webb-Girard;

144/2639: Gender specific determinants of stunting among Rwandan children 6-23 months old

Author(s): Eric Matsiko; Alida Melse-Boonstra; Jeanine Ahishakiye; Kristine Dandanell Garn; Damien Iyakaremye; Lisine Tuyisenge; Edith J. M. Feskens;

144/2890: Effects of Genetic and Environmental Factors on Proanthocyanidins in Sea Buckthorn (Hippophaë rhamnoides)

Author(s): Wei Yang; Oskar Laaksonen; Heikki Kallio; Baoru Yang;