144/41 - Understanding Dietary Patterns: A Step toward Devising a Global Nutrition Strategy

Organized by: International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), the ILSI Research Foundation and ILSI branches
Track 7: Food Culture Practices and Nutritional Education
Friday 20 October 8.00 - 10.00 h. Room 8 - Retiro B

Assigned Co-Chair

Dr. Fernando D. Brites

Biochemical. Specialist in Lipids and Atherosclerosis. Doctor of the University of Buenos Aires. Argentina.

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Nutrition Guidance in the Age of Globalized Markets


MSc. Georgina Gómez Salas

University of Costa Rica. San José. Costa Rica.

What Are Dietary Patterns: Physiology and Psychology Underlying Food Choice


Prof. Adam Drewnowski

Center for Public Health Nutrition. University of Washington. USA

Methods to Collect and Compare Data Across Geography


Regina Fisberg

University of São Paulo

Data mining to find protective or risky dietary patterns for common complex diseases: implications on devising dietary guidelines


Dr. Wen-Harn Pan

Academia Sinica.