144/1036 - Monitoring and enforcement of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes: Experiences with a new WHO/UNICEF protocol

Organized by: World Health Organization & UNICEF
Track 3: Public Health Nutrition and Environment
Monday 16 October 11.30 - 13.30 h. Room 11 - Golden Horn

Assigned Co-Chair

Prof. Gabriela Perdigón

Tucumán University. CONICET-Cerela. Tucumán. Argentina.

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National implementation of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes: Current status


Mr. David L. Clark

Legal Specialist, Nutrition Section. UNICEF. New York.

Formation of the Network for Global Monitoring and Support for the BMS Code


Dr. Francesco Branca

Director of Nutrition for Health and Development. World Health Organization. Geneva. Switzerland.

A new protocol for monitoring and enforcement of Code violations


Prof. Laurence Grummer-Strawn

Technical Officer. Infant & Young Child Nutrition. World Health Organization. Geneva.

Marketing of breast-milk substitutes in Mexico: Results from maternal and health provider surveys


Prof. Sonia Hernández Cordero

National Institute of Public Health. Cuernavaca. Mexico.

Monitoring for Code violations through routine services in Cambodia


Mackenzie Green

Regional Research Specialist. ARCH Project. Helen Keller International. Cambodia.

Multiple data sources used to characterize the marketing of breast-milk substitutes in Chile


Dr. Anna Christina Pinheiro Fernandes

Technical Adviser, Nutritionist. Department of Nutrition and Food, Public Policy Division. Ministry of Health. Santiago de Chile. Chile.

Implementation of the Kenya Breast-milk Substitutes Monitoring System


Dr. Gladys Magambi

Ministry of Health. Nairobi. Kenya. Africa.