144/106 - Using implementation research to build better multisectoral programs for improving maternal and child nutrition outcomes

Organized by: Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition (SISN), IFPRI (USA)
Track 2: Nutrition through Life Course
Tuesday 17 October 8.00 - 10.00 h. Room 4

Introduction: Using implementation research in the context of comprehensive evaluations of multisectoral programs to assess pathways of impact and interpret impact findings


Dr. Marie Ruel

Director Poverty, Health and Nutrition Division. International Food and Policy Research Institute. USA.

Lessons learned from the process evaluation of HKI’s homestead food production program in Burkina Faso


Dr. Jennifer Nielsen

Senior Nutrition Advisor. Hellen Keller International. USA.

Using process evaluation results to understand program impacts and for optimizing program design to imrpove child nutrition outcomes


Dr. Deanna Olney

International Food Policy Research Institute. USA.

Scaling up behavior change interventions to improve child feeding: reflections on the use of research findings in program implementation and scale-up


Dr. Tina Sanghvi

Alive & Thrive. FHI 360. USA.

Addressing issues of scale, rigor and context in the design of evaluations of large-scale behavior change interventions in Bangladesh, Vietnam and Ethiopia


Dr. Purmina Menon

International Food Policy Research Insitute. India.

Lessons learned from designing and implementing an integrated nutrition, livelihood and ECD project in Malawi


Dr. Natalie Roschnik

Save the Children. United Kingdom.

Optimizing an ECD-based, agriculture and nutrition program to improve the diets of pre-school children in Malawi


Dr. Aulo Gelli

International Food Policy Research Institute. USA.