144/42 - The Human Microbiome: Sharing Our Bodies

Organized by: International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), the ILSI Research Foundation, and ILSI branches
Track 6: Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds
Tuesday 17 October 8.00 - 10.00 h. Room 6 - Catalinas

Assigned Co-Chair

Eng. Ricardo Weill

Agronomist Engineer of the National University of Buenos Aires. Former Chief of practical work Chair of Microbiology Faculty of Agronomy (UNBA)

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Sharing Our Bodies. The Symbiosis of Humans and Our Microbiota. A Highlevel Overview of Research in the Field


Dr. Christian Hoffmann

University of São Paulo. Brazil.

Exploring the Role of the Major Gut Microbiota Clusters on Nutritional and Functional Benefits of Nutrients and Non.nutrients


Prof. Ian Rowland

Hugh Sinclair Human Nutrition Unit. Food & Nutritional Sciences Department. Emeritus Professor of Human Nutrition, University of Reading. United Kingdom.

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The Role of Microbiota in Nutrient Metabolism and Bioavailability


Prof. Fabrice Vaillant

University of Costa Rica. Costa Rica.

Mapping Asian Gut Microbiota Across Age and Geography. What are the Health Implication.


Dr. Yuan Kun Lee

National University of Singapore. Singapore.