144/167 - Latin American Survey of Nutrition and Health (ELANS): Main results on intake, physical activity and sedentarism in eight countries

Organized by: Centro de Nutrologia y Dificultades Alimentares. Universidade Federal de Sāo Paulo (Brazil)
Tuesday 17 October 11.30 - 13.30 h. Room 12

Introduction to ELANS: Latinamerican survey of Nutrition and Health. Study of urban population in eight countries


Dr. Attilio Rigotti

MD, PhD. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Chile.

Relationship between diet quality and obesity risk: Is it possible to develop a LA diet quality index?


Dr. Georgina Gómez

Department of Biochemistry. Medicine School. University of Costa Rica. San José. Costa Rica.

Latinamerican population: Mainly active or sedentary? Is there an association between lifestyle and diet nutritional composition?


Prof. Mauro Fisberg

Federal University of São Paulo. Brazil.

Habits & Culture: Relationship between food habits and nutritional profile based on micronutrients


Dr. Irina Kovalskys

Committee on Nutrition and Welfare. International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI-Argentina). Buenos Aires. Argentina.

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Learnings for researchers: A multicenter study sharing methods on evaluation of PA and intake in eight countries


Dr. Viviana Beatriz Guajardo

Commitee of Nutrition and Wellbeing. International Life Science Institute (ILSI-Argentina). Buenos Aires. Argentina.