144/168 - Latin American Survey of Nutrition and Health: What have in common and in what they differ, eight countries of Latin America?

Organized by: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia)
Track 3: Public Health Nutrition and Environment
Tuesday 17 October 8.00 - 10.00 h. Room 8 - Retiro B


Dr. Attilio Rigotti

MD, PhD, Centro de Nutrición Molecular y Enfermedades Crónicas, Departamento de Nutrición, Diabetes y Metabolismo, Escuela de Medicina, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Santiago, Chile

Assigned Co-Chair

Dr. Fernando D. Brites

Biochemical. Specialist in Lipids and Atherosclerosis. Doctor of the University of Buenos Aires. Argentina.

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Major food sources of sugar and its association with obesity among countries of ELANS


MSc. Rossina Pareja

MSc. Institute of Nutritional Research. Lima. Peru.

Major food sources of energy among countries of ELANS: Are we alike?


Dr. Lilia Yadira Cortés Sanabria

ND, MSc, PhD. Pontifical Javeriana University. Bogotá. Colombia.

Hydration profile of population of countries of ELANS


MSc. Martha Cecilia Yepez Garcia

BCh, MSc. College of Health Sciences. San Francisco University of Quito. Ecuador.

Life style profile of women of fertile age in Latin America: The risks and consequences for the next generation


Dr. Marianella Herrera Cuenca

MD, DSc, PhD. Bengoa Foundation and Center for Development Studies. Central University of Venezuela (CENDES-UCV) Caracas. Venezuela.