FAO/INFOODS Training on Food Composition

FAO/INFOODS are offering a one day FAO/INFOODS training courses on food composition, free-of-charge for IUNS or IFDC participants, on Saturday, 14 October after the 12th IFDC in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

There are still spaces available. If you think that you wish to attend, please register at http://www.ifdc2017.com/index.php?seccion=scientificArea&subSeccion=postConference (or you can put the IUNS registration website)

In case in some of the languages not at least 15 participants are subscribed by 15 September 2017, we will cancel it. The English course will take place in any case as there are already sufficient participants

Information Pre-workshop tasks

The completion of the ‘FAO/INFOODS e-Learning Course on Food Composition Data’ is highly recommended. For further information, go to the web link to the ‘FAO/INFOODS e-Learning Course on Food Composition Data’ http://www.fao.org/infoods/infoods/training/en/


Joint Metrofoods/EuroFIR Food Metrology and Food Composition Workshop Saturday

There are up to 25 places available. Participation will be by invitation only and should send CVs and motivation letter to attend to Paul Finglas (paul.finglas@quadram.ac.uk) before September 14.

Further information: http://ifdc2017.com/docs/Joint%20Metrofoods_EuroFIR%20Food%20Metrology.pdf